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SmartLevels Testimonials

"John always "Thank You" for everything about Consistent Options Income, SmartLevels and the webinars!!"
- SM

"Very pleased with the eminismartlevels course. Really looking forward to use what I learned in my trading."
- MB

"John thanks so much. I love the smartlevels. Having success with the YM."
- DD

"What has been missing is a proper assessment of the auction process you describe in your work and clear paths that come from it that define why price movement travels between points and that has added important perspective to what I do."
- MO

"I'm a big fan of SmartLevels."
- DT

"I have been watching market's reaction to the smart levels and I must say, I am very impressed as most of the time they are right on the money."
- MP

"Holly Cow! I can't wait for the course to find out how you are doing this. On 11/8, you called the bottom and the top of the day in Crude Oil as well as a number of other pivots off of the SmartLevels. Also, the trading session closed right on a SmartLevel. Amazing!"
- KM

"Your analysis of the market was phenomenal, the material in the videos were championship calibre and the technique was unique."
- NR

"The clear sense of perspective on what the market might provide as a reasonable target, based on the volume at price market itself and a typical daily price range, has been an eye opener. I knew something was missing, but putting a finger on it in a tangible and easy to see manner has made a difference."
- MO

"I am grateful to you for the eminismartlevels course. SmartLevels work excellently. I get every day profit on trade."
- AS

"I really like your smart levels."
- DW

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