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Options Trading Explained:
What is Options Trading?

An option is a securities-based contract that allows an investor to buy or sell an underlying security like stocks or bonds in the future. It comes with no obligation and has a pre-set price and time period. Options trading is, therefore, the buying and selling of options on the options market.

As an investor, you can either buy a “call” option or a “put” option. A “call” option contract grants the investor the rights to buy a given number of shares of the said security any time before a predetermined future date and at a predetermined price. A “put” option, on the other hand, grants the trader the rights to sell a given amount of shares of the said security at a specific price over a predetermined period.

But why would an investor want to buy a “call” or “put” option? Well, with options trading, the investor is under no obligation to buy or sell as per the contract. This allows traders to protect their investments should the markets fail to move as they had predicted. To make better decisions that’ll lead to profits in the options trading market, you’ll need to adopt a formidable options trading strategy.

Learn Effective Options Trading Strategies in the Simplest Way Possible

One of the easiest ways to improve your approach to options trading is to enroll in a solid options trading course. Below is a quick overview of the various aspects of our options trading strategy:

Consistent Options Trading Strategy
for Monthly Income

Our strategy is based on a unique approach that doesn’t set unrealistic profit targets but allows you to make consistent monthly income.

Teach Using the RUT Index Options

Our online options trading course primarily uses the Russel 2000 Index Options (RUT) – the most quoted market index when gauging the overall performance of small-mid stocks in the U.S. markets. However, that doesn’t mean that our strategy only works with RUT index options, as you can still apply it to any other trading vehicle with options.

Sell Multiple Puts and Calls/ Buy Puts and Calls to Control Margins and Protect Credit

Our strategy entails selling numerous puts and calls to acquire lots of premium. Premium refers to the fee that a fellow investor pays to buy a call or put option from you. Since not all buyers will exercise their options in the long run, this is a great way to make extra income in options trading.

Our options course also entails buying multiple puts and calls so that we can increase the adjustability of our trade. With an adjustable trade, you’ll be in a better position to control profit margins and protect credit.

Front Month Only

Our strategy involves trading front month only, making the whole process much easier to track.

No Calendar IV Risk

Our strategy doesn’t attract any calendar volatility risks as it doesn’t involve spreading long options over different months of the calendar year. With this approach, you can bank income any month you choose.

Limited Margin/Risk

Our approach focuses on limited margin-limited risk trades; thus, you don’t have to worry about losing your investments.

No Need to Find Trades

Since our strategy focuses on a single trading vehicle, you won’t have to go through thousands of stocks in search of a perfect trade. Instead, it focuses on picking a single trade that you can manage and adjust as per market fluctuations until it brings in a profit.

Initial Trade for Credit (Time Decay)

Our approach takes advantage of time decay as the initial trade is done for a net credit.

Mechanical Adjustment Approach

It’s important to have a strategy that reacts in accordance with fluctuations in the market. This is why we leverage a mechanical adjustment approach to actively manage each trade.

How is Our Options Trading Strategy Different?

Normally, investors tend to delve into the financial markets hoping that the “market gods” will favor them. This traditional approach is very risky and has made millions of investors lose their money. If you’re interested in options trading and would like to avoid suffering a similar fate, you’ll need a reliable options trading strategy.

To reap consistent financial rewards through options trading, you need an approach that doesn’t fall in line with such conventional market practices. Our options trading strategy is different and more holistic. It doesn’t include credit spreads and iron condors but instead incorporates a more realistic, early adjustment approach that’ll put you in a better position to earn monthly profits more consistently.

While iron condor traders claim to make profits whether the market goes down, up, or nowhere, this claim is only true if the market changes are small. Significant fluctuations typically leave such traders counting heavy financial losses. On the other hand, our early adjustment approach allows traders to react in accordance with market changes and thus make profits even when there’s a significant move on the market.

Options Trading Strategy from an Expert
About John Richardson

John Richardson is the brains behind the Trading Options Course at ConsistentOptionsIncome.com. For a long time, his aim has been to come up with a strategy that accords investors more control over their investments in the markets. As such, he came up with this formidable options trading strategy.

The “early adjustment” options trading strategy won’t give you large profits instantly but is designed to achieve realistic profit targets more consistently.

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